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“A pure delight!” Open Book Society 

“Wow! . . . An enthralling mystery with strong characters, a complex plot and a fantastic ending tying things together superbly . . . I have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who enjoys thrillers and mysteries!”—Splashes Into Books

“If the Jake & Laura Mystery series isn’t already on your “must have” list, it should be, and Wings in the Dark soars at the top of a crowded field of mystery series.” Looking for a Good Book Blog

“I heartily recommend the Jake & Laura mysteries, and this book specifically, if you like cozy mysteries that have a flair for the dramatic, a great sense of style, and an epic amount of witty banter. Goes well with fresh-caught seafood, grilled over an open fire on the beach, and drinks served in coconut shells.”  Biblioteca

“This is quickly becoming my favorite mystery series, and for good reasons, too. Jake and Laura are fabulous, because they compliment each other well and always understand the other.”  Bree Garcia

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Witty and stylish in the classic Dashiell Hammett tradition, Michael Murphy’s latest high-flying Jake & Laura mystery features a Hawaiian honeymoon that’s interrupted when their friend Amelia Earhart is accused of murder.

Hawaii, 1935. Mystery novelist Jake Donovan and actress Laura Wilson are in gorgeous sun-soaked Hawaii, but their best-laid plans for canoodling on the beach are interrupted by a summons from famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart. It seems a local businessman has been gunned down next to her plane. In just days, the famous pilot intends to fly from Honolulu to Los Angeles, making aviation history over the Pacific. But now, without Jake and Laura’s help, Earhart’s flight might never take off.

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The irresistible Jake & Laura return in Michael Murphy’s witty, fast-paced mystery series—perfect for readers of Dorothy Cannell and Christopher Fowler. In The Big Brush-off, the charming and indomitable duo heads to the Midwest to solve a chilling cold case of a young girl’s murder.

Blackie Doyle is dying. That’s what Jake Donovan’s literary agent tells him. Sales are falling, and the rough draft of Jake’s latest Blackie novel doesn’t look promising. Maybe Jake has been distracted by a recent barrage of real-life homicides, or by his marriage to the beautiful up-and-coming actress Laura Wilson, now slated for a part opposite Clark Gable himself. Whatever the reason, Jake decides to return to his roots. Which is why he and Laura hop the next train to the small town in Pennsylvania where Jake once worked as a Pinkerton detective.

Ten years ago, the murder of a teenage girl interrupted life in quiet, God-fearing Hanover. The unsolved case has always gnawed at Jake, and it seems no coincidence that as soon as he starts digging up old ghosts, he’s once again writing like a dervish. Nor is it surprising that some townfolk would rather see the truth stay buried—and maybe even Jake and Laura with it. But the glamorous crime-solving pair refuse to leave before sorting through a bevy of suspects—and at long last nailing the one who almost got away with the not-so-perfect crime.

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“Jake and Laura really do remind me of Dashiell Hammett’s Nick and Nora Charles. They are fun, witty, and charming, and the novel is filled with the same kind of 1930s Hollywood glamour that made the film ofThe Thin Man such a classic.”—Popcorn Reads

“With a nod to Dashiell Hammet’s iconic Thin Man, Michael Murphy’s Jake & Laura mystery series are a treat for those who enjoy their mysteries with a splash of wit, a dash of old Hollywood glamor, and a large dose of chemistry. While not a screwball comedy, Wings in the Dark has many of the classic elements that made The Thin Man a beloved legend – a charming couple, a thrilling mystery, shady suspects, action, humor, and more than a touch of romance.” Crittermom

“Author Murphy does an absolutely fantastic job of taking historical moments and figures and blending in a mystery story that has all the excitement and toughness of a period detective story while appealing to the modern reader.” Looking For A Good Book Blog

“When a prominent businessman is killed in Amelia Earhart’s hanger, she turns to her close friend, Laura, to get Jake on the case. There are all the twists and turns you have learned to expect from Murphy, and a palette of potential murderers. The characters are interesting and well-developed, the plot leaves doubt right up to the end, and the conclusion is extremely satisfying. This is a great book, a romp through the pre-war thirties that accurately captures the spirit of the time.” Jay Williams

In Michael Murphy’s action-packed Prohibition-era novel of suspense, mystery writer Jake Donovan returns to the bright lights and dark alleys of New York City—uncovering a criminal conspiracy of terrifying proportions.

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Journey back to Hollywood’s Golden Age. In Michael Murphy’s rollicking new Jake & Laura mystery, the hard-boiled writer and the aspiring movie star head for sun-drenched Los Angeles, where a cold-blooded murderer lurks behind the scenes.

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