Michael Murphy, author of the Prohibition-era Jake and Laura mystery series. Read an excerpt from The Yankee Club.

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The Yankee Club

With all the style and wit of the classic “Thin Man” movies, The Yankee Club follows a detective turned mystery writer and a Broadway actress in 1933 as they investigate the murder of their childhood friend, along the way uncovering a Nazi plot against newly elected President Franklin Roosevelt.

Jump on the incredible page turner set in 1933 in the middle of the Great Depression – you won’t regret it.” Goodreads reviewer Bill

Being set in New York during prohibition, with gangsters, speakeasies, history, mysteries, and tons of action this book has something for everyone, it is just totally amazing, another homerun for Michael Murphy.” Goodreads review, Tricia Perry

Woo-wee, I loves me some noir. And this is noir done RIGHT. It has all the fixin’s: extremely likable protagonist who routinely gets brutalized, beautiful dames with secrets to hide, a case that unfolds in layers, and some swell Prohibition name-dropping.” Goodreads review from Shayne

Michael Murphy pens a solid mystery that is rich in 1930s culture. The crackling dialogue, the prohibition era setting and the plot are in the same vein as a Hammett or Chandler whodunit.” Every Read Thing Blog

“This is a highly entertaining novel, very skillfully written. Murphy has done a great job of creating a story that reads like it could have been written by one of the greats of noir fiction. I highly recommend it.” Goodreads reviewer Scott Parsons

A great time in American history, the clubs of New York, a love lost, revenge-minded thugs, childhood friends, greedy bankers, and fascist conspirators: All the ingredients of a gut-wrenching and satisfying novel. Everything in this story could be a cliché, but it reads as fresh and interesting as a newspaper extra.” Goodreads reviewer Jay Williams

“The plot, which is right out of a thirties ‘noir’ story, is spot on. Not to give away the action, needless to say Jake runs into American fascists, real Nazis and people endangering the American way of life. In between there are lots of fights, shoot outs, good cops, bad cops, good and bad gangsters, good looking dames (with great gams) and wise cracking wise guys. It’s an all-around good job and fun to read.” Zeb Kantrowitz’s blog

“Michael Murphy is a terrific writer who can capture his reader in the moment of his crime novels. Backgrounds are vivid and realistically constructed. Plots are convoluted but never outrun the reader. His dialogue is authentic and carefully paced.” Author Schuyler Wallace

It’s like reading one of the witty 1930′s movies where the humour offsets the darkness and you root for the characters. You could almost imagine Dashiell Hammett writing the book.” Goodreads reviewer Susan Johnston

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